Thanatos Vision

Thanatos is a platform built on the blockchain technology that aims to be the first solution for crypto investors in the field of digital inheritances.

Through the use of our platform, any investor will be able to secure his assets in the case of loss of his private keys. All this without ever losing the control of his assets through a platform that is easy to use, decentralized, secure and anonymous.

Thanatos includes an advanced system of digital inheritances which is protected and powered by the Ethereum network and the smart contract technology. You will be able to bequeath your digital assets to the user or wallet of your choice.

Through our platform you can program the transfer of all your assets to the accounts of your choice after a determinate period of inactivity blocks. In order to avoid errors, the system will notify you via email, notifications and SMS and tell you how much inactivity time you have till the contract executes itself. All the notifications will be configurable by the platform user.

Save your last will and tell your loved ones everything that you couldn’t tell them in life. You can inscribe your last will and your thoughts in the blockchain forever and they will be unchangeable. This way, they will be visible from anywhere at any time in the future.

What problem does Thanatos solve?

Every year, 483 million of dollars are lost in cryptocurrencies only in the USA due to unexpected deaths or loss of private keys.

Thanatos responds to this need and safeguards the assets of its users through presigned transactions stored in our platform, so that in the case of death, incapacity, or loss of keys, the assets will be sent to addresses determined by the client after a determinate period of time.

How does Thanatos work?

The user signs up in the platform and sets the amount of each asset, the receiver addresses, and the period of inactivity required to execute the transactions. Along with the transactions, the user can also send detailed instructions to the receivers, as well as messages and last wills that will be saved in the blockchain forever. The payment for these services will be done in the form of subscription using the token THAN. There are different levels of subscription to the service that are customized to the needs of the user.


Last updated 12/11/2018

JUL 18

Release of first Whitepaper

Complete Thanatos project information

AUG 18

Private Sale

Initial coin offer for private investors

SEP 18

Token Release

Distribution of THAN token to the investors

OCT 18

Listing on Exchanges

THAN token listing in two international exchanges

Q1 19

Platform Beta release

Platform launch for testing purposes

Q2 19

App Release

Connected to platform for testing complete functionality

Q3 19

Final Platform release

Thanatos platform full working product

Q4 19

Marketing Campaign Market expansion

Global marketing and partnership campaign

Why Thanatos Token?

The Thanatos token, also known as THAN, is used as fuel for the Thanatos platform. With this token, you can use the different services that we offer on the platform and it is also the currency in which we charge the fees. This means that any individual or company interested in using our platform has to possess THAN in order to use its Thanatos account.

In order to create long-term appreciation of the token value, through the utility of the THAN token in the Thanatos Platform, half of the Thanatos received as revenue or platform fees will be burned until the amount of THAN tokens in circulation reaches the 30% of the total supply. When that amount is reached, the rest can be reintroduced into circulation.

Current distribution

Thanatos Token Details

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Thanatos Token

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